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Forced Bi: Forced to be bisexual – Cuckolding

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Forced Bi: Forced to be bisexual – Cuckolding

Forced bi is a BDSM term that relates to straight submissive men that are forced to be with other men. These are men that have not, nor would not have sexual interactions with other men, if not “forced” to do so. The term forced, does not mean that these men are tied up and forced against their will to please other men. Forced bi is one of those terms that make you scratch your head. If the man is not forced, they why does it do this?

Why would a straight man put himself in a situation to be forced into being with another man? One answer I received from a submissive man was, “because i always do what ever my mistress desires.” See: Whoring Jason

Although Whoring Jason is an example of forced bi, I do not recommend pimping out your boyfriend to men for money.

Humiliation in a forced bi situation arouses the submissive man. He is made to feel inadequate in front of another man. Having to get on his knees and pleasure this other man, because his wife/gf desires this, excites and turns him on. The feeling of helplessness, the sensations of feeling like a dirty slut, this humiliating action, turns him on.

Cuckolding. The term cuckolding means that the female partner, usually the wife [Cuckoldress] (or long term partner), has sexual relations with other men. She will have sex in front of her husband. The husband will sometimes be what is called a prepper.

Preppers. A prepper is a submissive man that will prep, or arouse the man (Bull) that the wife is planning to have sex with.

Bull. A dominant man that has sex with a Cuckoldress.

Only try this if both partners agree and desire this. The man should get turned on by the thought of seeing his wife/gf be with another man. The woman should want to be with other men. Don’t assume your wife/gf would be open to this. 


Have you, or would you try a forced bi situation?

I have tried it. I was the submissive male
I would try it if my Mistress requested I do so
I’m a submissive male and would not try it, even if asked by my Mistress
As a Mistress, it does not interest me
I have tried it with my submissive
I would like to try it with my submissive

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