boyfriend is bisexual

I think my boyfriend is bisexual

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boyfriend is bisexual

Tinder Profile: Anonymous girl (Age: none of your business)

I am a: Female, Straight, loves romance and very ambitious. I seek a poly relationship with 2 men. Preferably bi.

I think my boyfriend is bisexual

I met a guy from Tinder a little over a month ago. We hit things off really well. He is very sweet and thoughtful. I love being with him. He has such a positive personality. Our chemistry is amazing and I feel extremely happy, for the first time in a while, when I’m with him.

On my dating profile, I mentioned an interest in polyamory. And just yesterday, he brought it up. He said that he would definitely be interested in having a threesome with me and another guy. I was extremely happy to hear this. I was so happy, I forgot to explain the difference between poly relationship and threesome. One step at a time, I thought.

When we briefly discussed the subject,  I asked him if he was bisexual. I love watching men together. Being in a poly relationship has been a dream of mine for a long time. A poly relationship with two men that is. I’m obsessed with gay porn. He said he was not bi. But he hesitated. The sort of hesitation that you know the person is lying. So what does he want out of it? I’m pretty sure he’s not submissive. So I don’t think he wants to be a cuck. I think he really is bisexual, but I don’t want to press him on this. However, I do want the truth. I want to have my dreams fulfilled. I know the man I want to be with forever, is bisexual.

Why don’t I want to press this? Because my “gaydar” is usually on point. I pressed the last guy I was with and he finally confessed to being bisexual. It was also the last time I saw him. It’s probably very tramatic to confess a non-mainstream sexuality. Plus adding the poly interest may have scared that other guy away.

..bisexual does not mean someone is open to poly relationships. I know this now.  I knew it before, but I was in a dream state (or very horny). Whatever, I’m over that guy. Plenty of (bi) men in the sea.

I think my boyfriend is bisexual for a few other stereotypical reasons. Dresses well. He’s also very feminine. I love feminine looking men, so it’s a plus. If he turns out to be gay, that would probably be hot too. At this point I just want him to be anything but straight. I just don’t want to miss any of the action if he’s playing around with men.

I’m not going to press him on his sexuality just yet. I think I will ask what he would expect from this male, male, female “threesome”. Or should I?

What do straight men enjoy in a threesome with another guy?

Are there any other women obsessed with bisexual men/gay porn like me?

Should I:

Ask him if he’s ever kissed a guy
Ask him what he expects out of a mmf threesome
Tell him you want a poly relationship and see how he feels
Not ask him about it for a while. Just date some more
Ask him if he’d be open to being a cuck
Take him for his word that he’s straight


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